Data Mining The Soul

Classification: We have identified a path, a trajectory for the self that is unacquainted with all that permeates our external existence, mere shadows at folly passing us by, we must object the subjectivity of the mass inclusion, to helm a point of silence, to retune the strings that have bent upon our bow.

Clustering: Set deep into pocket, billiards cued, broken off from the center by the stratification and specialization of action, structured solids and stripes filed into their respected corners, differentiating all else from the table.

Regression: Fragments of the spirit pinned to the branches, torn away in flight, running away from traumas, their echos still heard impinging on the system, we must pass back into the halls of our fractured self to realign the pieces to become whole.

Anomaly detected: Once we distract the object and the observer from the field, we can operate without hindrance, sensing without sense, being without being, a connection is established with the crowd, patterns identified from their abstraction, defocalizing the void, we stand without assistance, we walk back to our center.

– Josh Fleming


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