Rorschach Test


In the beginning they say it went off with a bang, ink of existence splattered out amongst the cosmos, you are but this very process, this universe unfolding, connected to every breath and every event, set forth on the rings of Saturn to guide its turn, to bring yourself round again, and feel your existence as fundamental as the sun burns bright, your eyes give it its light, born from the tails of comets, the universe still pulses through your veins, the heavens surround you here and know, we all are the interdependent parts that make up this whole, the navigators, copiloting the path, the divine instruments through which the universe peers upon itself with great awe and wonder, stargazing through the creative lenses of human perception, nature is a verb, God in action unraveling the story of creation as we observe it, let us take heed of each moment, extinguishing our fears, allowing peace to fill this void, remembering that we are eternal.

Images and words by: Josh Fleming


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