It exists between us, within us and without us.


It stands in front of us as we try to move against it.


It watches us curiously as we try to walk away from it.


It engulfs us in a vastness that we fail to comprehend.


It is without beginning or end.


Yet, we still try and close ourselves off from it.


This space between our lives.


That which binds us all together…


We bury ourselves beneath low walls.


Sunk down into the solitary crevasses of our lives.


Shoved off track, from the daily derailments.


Still it does not forsake us…


Its eternal embrace is set in motion by our very will to acknowledge its presence.


Accepting that the edge of separation is a distance never truly defined.


As it lefts you up, to walk again from within it.


Within this body, this world, this universe held safely in the lens of your eye.


As the light is not distracted by the quiet mind.


Existence is born again freely, just as you stand.


In the space that you hold together with clasped hands.


– Josh Fleming













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