Explosions In The Sky

Upon waking, the sun watches me through the window, remembering its youth, envious of the days past, then fading out to be with the clouds, my finger left pointing at the moon, still lounging about after hours, everyone must be gathering for the show.

The canaries cry out as the rockets begin their morning dance across the sky, fireflies tracing the lines of human transgression, this is what I’ve been trained for, everything rest’s upon this moment. Standing behind the tree outside my door patiently waiting, my brother in arms whispers through the wood, reminding me of my wings.

Awkward at first as we tack against the wind, trying to sway us from decisions already made, heading on course to deliver the package, my heart left pounding devouring all blood, cold comforts found in the throttle steading my trembling hand.

The open spaces are contending with the cities below, I catch a glimpse of water leaning against a mountain, staring into the distance, soon reaching the point of its existence, left to pondering my own.

From below I imagine a farmer is watching us cross the fields, his face much like my own, both bewildered by the silence before the storm, we pray together uttering a final remembrance for the innocent ones, then release the package, letting go of the world that we once new.

The villagers raise their heads to the sky as something approaches in the distance. Upon impact, a quick flash of light, an apparition ensued, having no eyes on the ground, a vision occurs before me.

Walking out from the fold, humming to himself, a man cut both ways, blocking the sun, burning into a cloud of smoke and ash, the stranger staring straight through me, the fathers led us to this, wandering crooked paths, bending time to meet again on this day round the circle, wings spread apart, 10,000 thousand feathers plumed with rage, and all this made a difference, but none of it mattered, a chance to play with mortality, with the masks we wear.

– Josh Fleming

Inspired by words written by Robert Lee Brewer in: Solving The World’s Problems, word re-arranged for a remix challenge submitted to the author at:



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