A World So Tall

The trees once looked up upon with awe and reverence

For their character and kindness

Watching over the world below

Mutual respect in assurance

A Peace in knowing that there existence is our own

But that was then and this is now

A world turned upside down

Gazing up from the floor below calculating potentials for the market place

Ripped from their homes so they may rest quietly in our own

Gentle giants cut down half their size, taught how to kneel

Shipped off to Design school, an education in wood shop awaits

Seeing one of the trees again, it’s been so long, just a chop off the old block really

Shorter then I remembered, but quiet comfortable

Love the new color and flow, seems a tad expensive though, maybe next time.

– Josh Fleming

Inspired by: Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem, Matter’s Of Great Importance, from the book Solving the World’s Problems.



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