The Tree Of Life

Live life from the inside out and back from the outside in…
Don’t forget to leave your skin, when your done, to step outside the shadow, to find a world courses from within and without, no boundaries to be defined, leaving this temple behind, draped upon the ground; left dirty, bruised and beaten, just as it should be, an indication of a course less traveled, but worth the effort, the body serving its purpose, laid out neatly and left to dry, like a single leaf teetering to the tips of its tree, as the autumn winds come rushing by, to strip you away, do not forget when you reach the ground to tell them, tell them what you found, all that have gathered around, tell them what you saw, what you felt, how you spoke to the sun, and kissed the clouds, tell them all the things they would not believe, about how you nursed a family of four, till they earned their wings, sending them out to fly amongst the others, tell them all the stories that you have to tell, as they wrap there arms around you and pull you back in, laughing the whole way down, as the good earth plants you safely back inside, laying you down to sleep, waking from your slumber as you burst through the seed, as the waters trickle down to wash your face, baptized to rise up amongst the others, to meet your sun, the blessed waters help to lift you up, rising up through the ground from whence you came, to sprout a vibrant green and become the tree you were meant to be, all the other trees will be talking amongst themselves, as you try and convince them of the story of when you were once a man that walked the earth, having raised a family of your own and taken many walks from time to time into the woods to converse with the trees, as if you had known them before.

– Josh Fleming


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