Strip Mining The Mind

It has been a driving force for us to dig deep into our existence, as if are conscious self-aware sentient mind demanded it, possessed by a desire to know everything beyond the direct perceptual field that are senses were designed to engaged with. To hold the dream and describe it’s meaning. Was this the split, the apple, the exodus, the long walk out of Africa, leaving the garden behind? But did we split to soon, without getting the message, without understanding the value of what is all around us? That it is possibly unknowable, but accessible to feel and interrelate with, that it is a process that is in constant creation, to observe it, is to recreate it, to hold it, is to lose it and to lose it, is to attain it.

It is astonishing to ponder the thought, that an infinite amount of creative capacity, an illusive stream of subjective time went into the development of these bodies and minds, which we are so evidently blessed to inhabit and to interact with ourselves, each other and this sentient earth. The atomic ether communicating with the field, to attach itself to the unknown, the dark matter, the energy, the spirit, to create form, what ever we wish to call it, to create a spherical structure out of the void, to weave and abstract chemical expressions to incubate life, to evolve and mutate, to spread upon the surface, to manifest a genetic code, to gather up strength to survive, to breath, to live, in a world now coursing with an abundance of life, all unique artistic expressions of the canvas that is our home.

Yet it seems we have forgotten the magic, this place that we walk upon, we have allowed ourselves to desecrate it, we have isolated ourselves from the very grounds that produced us, stuck in a world fair, a big-top circus, with the tent city ever expanding and enveloping the wild-earth, to tame it, to control it and guide it quietly into its cage. We have attempted to sanitize ourselves from what existence is, or what it could become.

It is not that are ability to step outside and dream should be inhibited, whether to look out through the telescope or look in through the microscope, or seek out sacred texts, or choose rather to walk from within, all should be held as equally important to everything else. Rather we should seek to utilize the various tools in a more consistent and holistic manner, spirituality, mystical expression, religious rites, shamanism, divination, entheogens, science and technology, studying the fields of biology, medicine and engineering, all of these are all blessed gifts, ways of knowing, ways of experiencing. But each of them as they stand, should never be disregarded or held so separate from each other, or held higher than one another, to attempt to formulate a theory, as they all are apart of the same process, each being a device brought up with the help of another. Everything we have come to know, has so much more still to teach us, all of our ways of knowing are all birthed out of the same collective womb, just various manifestations, coming through at different times.

It seems rather imprudent to allow ourselves to try and work only in the middle, were we are now, with one way of knowing the world, through this technological lens, a very new, very young and very immature way of knowing, to toss out all the other tools, without understanding the animate reality that we are working on, with, against, for, or inside of, this sensing body, this mind and this wild-earth, this spherical ship absorbed by the heavens, we are not the captains we may think we are, for if we were, we would know better, that without our crew, all the myriad inhabits that swoop, run, swim and crawl, without this earth, this ship, we will have become mad as Ahab, allowing ourselves to be swallowed by the whale of our own conventions, sailing our ark, this earth, up against the jagged rocks and allowing the great flood of humanity to dissolve this verdant plain of existence.

What if the parts, the tools, were made more universal, more interchangeable to eliminate any waste and expound upon the possibilities, that all the separate unique tools that are our combined cultures, our arts, our religions and our sciences, what they may hold to offer us, as well as the other sentient creatures and elements that pervade our view, what if all where given an equal chance to build together in the same sandbox. What if we could work with the tools we have been handed and not against them like children trying to fit a circle into a square slot? What if we choose to see the spirit in the material as well as the material in the spirit, the science in the religion and the religion in the science, could we unify without absorbing the other, as in nature our diversity is our greatest strength, yet also in nature it is rather cooperation, than competition that provides the greatest overall possible outcome for continued success and survival. If we allow ourselves to see, rather to feel again, could we gather a greater respect for this earth and ourselves? What could we learn from our surroundings? If we could just be here, as we exist, right now, in this universe, this earth, this skin, this body, this mind, and possibly tap into something we have long forgotten.

Could what appears to be the greatest show on earth to some; also be viewed by others as a circus of freaks running amuck, humanity gnashing it teeth, beating its head up against the wall, could this be us trying to work against the stream, could we not close down the whole parade, but reform our acts to be more conducive to the wider audience, to allow the show to perform without such constraint, such fear, such hate and to become again a member of the family of this vast animate world. It is paramount that we work with each other and this earth, if we are to pass this on, if we wish to continue, we must quiet our minds and then listen to what this world has to teach us, so we can grow with it and not against it. If we are to survive in this form, or move from this skin to another, it then should be our quest to align with the field and work with the instruments given, to paint a mosaic from the chauvet caves of France to the hollow corridors on a distant moon beyond this galaxy. Humanity has a choice, it always has, it is time to decide.

 – Josh Fleming









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