There is a neighbor that lives across my street, that I have never met, we see each other all the time, yet we only catch the outlines, never close enough to make out the definitions of our faces, always passing in-between trips to the mailbox, mowing our lawns or pulling up into our driveways, this has gone on for years now, yet we only offer up a passing wave, as if we’ve known each other our whole lives, a fleeting gesture, held for a brief moment to acknowledge each others existence, but its seems like something more, something so unreal, for I feel the hand raised to the air is signaling a genuine sincerity, something so vital and honest in its approach, something more true and comforting than I have felt with others that I have known my entire life, its interesting how we keep our distance from those outside our circles, I always wonder if I should just go say hello, could we become great allies and discover a friendship that we have never known, just waiting to be recognized, a merging of ideas that could very well change the world as we know it, or could it break the bond that our hands have forged from a safe distance, never to acknowledge each other again, is it better to just leave it where it is, left alone, continually accepting each other without ever knowing who we really are, is it better this way?

– Josh Fleming




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