The wings of its craft arch as it breathes into perception, its swollen back protrudes the columns, the spinal branch undulating, breaching the surface, expanding in flux with the current, the stream of transient fixtures, orbiting the circumference of the great depths, tiny fractures of luminescence abridged in dreams, a vast force with innumerable expressions set in motion, riding up into the highest wave and plunging down to lowest trough, with each cycle the rider is immersed in mysterious alchemical cessations, to ebb the tides that pulls it under, to swallow it whole, to reveal the ocean of oneself, to see the end, where existence is born, then to allow it to wash away, to recede, to let go, to become what it will by virtue of the process, enfolded in an atomic skin, tissues wrapped upon rigid bone, vestibular circuitry unravel, the beat is found in the rhythm as the vehicle takes flight, the navigator opens her eyes.

– Josh Fleming

-Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Spiritual Emerson

– Some words were abstracted sporadically throughout the book, “The Spiritual Emerson”, to find the flow and then interlacing them to create the poem




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