To Become Animal

The more I practice with the broad flesh of the earth, this interdependent mime, unaccustomed to the vigor, the native elegance, so that I might strive for rightness, the material nature, indistinguishable, entangled in the crowd, the genius loci, acquainted with the molecular, the aspect, the ratio that is exerted upon the versatile, the enigmatic storm that is palpable upon our skins, to feel the world again, to embrace its majesty, to behold the atmospheric condition, the tonality of the dream, the outlines of the moment, when we allow ourselves to be as we are, gliding with grace upon the steepness of slope, to disparage fear and attain completeness, to close the wound.

 -Words Rearranged by Josh Fleming, inspired by David Abrams and Jonsi Birgisson

-created while listening to Go Live:, new piano song live

– words discovered within the pages, pulling them sporadically from David Abrams, Becoming Animal


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