Upstream Color


As if I took this picture all alone, so that I could show others the life I would live, capturing the images without you, they told me to let you go, that it was for the best, but I never listened, filtering you in through the aperture of my mind, seeing you again through the haze, shuttering you back into frame, others would see this image, but only I would know you were there, they would only see the dirty distortions of light contrasted off the gravel path, blanketed in a prevailing mist gathering up the ghosts, cleansing the streets of their past, but they cannot have you, for they cannot see you, they cannot see the faint biting of your lip, the way you tug on your sweater, the slow turn as you look back straight through me, you grab the rails saying that you’ll jump and I will lose you forever, if I don’t put the camera down, but you needn’t worry for I have enough film to keep us traveling for a long time, I will never expose you while I am here, for who you really are, the ghost traveling from within, tucked deep inside the quiet harbors of my soul, when my stock expires, I will find you again in all the places that we had been, they wont believe their eyes, as the black and whites that I had left behind begin to bleed with color, they will look back through the images and they will see us there just as I had said.

 – Josh Fleming


Inspired by an image taken by Donovan Rees, from the album Fog


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