The Rift

“I have started something that I cannot finish, please continue ready to help me decipher the ending”…………

The monkey dines with kings, spilling their wine, dancing upon fountains of gold, as the child outside contends with rats to consume the remains of things best left to rot, whirling dervishes spin webs of cloth to bring the spirit into trance so that they may hold it near, as rockets are flung into the denizens of a pride, families stuck in-between enemies, an unwelcome war placed on the doorstep, how is it that we have found such extremes from the centre of our will, is it the cause of our will itself or is it the effect, is by the very definition of a will, or labeling of a cause or an effect, the very reason for our plight, drowning in our logic, searching for a logos, is such suffering to bring out the gifts of our love, or such love to spawn tidings of our sorrow, or are both love and hate just blades of grass, some short , some tall, but either way all are just grass on the surface, while our roots holds up the play sprouting upon Mayas field, is this illusion meant to be just as it is, is this fall from grace the ego’s desire to decide, to stay beyond its welcome, dividing lines, cutting itself off from the garden, as the quaking of this mind tears through the void and lifts us up from the earth, to wander on this desert plain, an island to ourselves, are we to shed our beliefs and burst into flames or to bring water to the wounded soldier that will surely die, are we so afraid of our original nature, so terrified of what we once were, that if we were to change, that we could not change back again, from a butterfly to caterpillar, or from man to an ocean, are we so worried that we may loose it all, without this separation, may we not exist at all, as if we ever did, all this that we have created would it fade away, but the remains of the question is to what may come out of it, could it be something more than can be thus imagined, something dare we say greater, or just something other.


I cannot decide for if I do, I will placate the game, moving the pawn further towards the queen, deeper into the fields of battle, so I surrender my will, by not doing, but in the same regard, my regression is my repression, condemning myself to an action all the same, both are a choice, so I have hit the wall of the mountain, that is the monster that lurks at the gate of the mind, but if I do not think, but allow something to just happen in an of itself, a spontaneous intimation, like the heart that is beating as its own, on its own, without my will, am I existing the same then, without this mind, as a current, as a wave, as a particle, an energy transferred into form, and a form into an energy, is this not me, not you, coming on and going off, so is this mind the tool to dig me out, or is it to cover me up burying me in this dirt, is the mind what you will it to be, a poet, a warrior, a sinner or saint, or is it to be beyond terms and conditions, on parole for time served in isolation, can we shatter the bond, travel back through the illusion of time on light waves to speak to ourselves before we got lost, but if it is an illusion there is no past to return to, nor a future to find, just what is happening before us, so if I stop with the meddling, stop with the questioning, maybe I can just be with what it is and that might be enough, for now.

But here I am right back at the desk again, I must admit I could not stay away for long, is it that I am afraid if I do, I may stop writing and you may stop reading my letters, maybe we could switch roles for a while, I will stop now and let you take it from here, (__________________)….


Thanks for reading, if you have gotten this far and wish to help me bring this to a close, please send me a few lines, maybe 3, maybe 4, maybe surprise me with an epic, or just two words of your own imagining. Please send replies via email, please respond with the subject: The Rift, email to:


I will leave this open until July the 4th, 2014, so we may become independent writers again. I will decide and re-post a few of the pieces ASAP after the close of this experiment.


Kind Regards,

Josh Fleming



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