There is a knife in the room, try not to stumble and fall, there is a light on the moon, she’s out dancing naked for us all, there is a shell on the shore that has been here before, its recording the ocean that swells, so that we may here it once more, there is time on my watch, so please do not look up at the clock, its coming fast and before we know it, it will pass us by, so take this drink out with you  onto the lake, do not mistake your reflection for what is at stake, this life has filled itself up to the rim, so drink it slow, but drink it fast, enjoy what time we may have left, as the clock strikes twelve and your name becomes lost in the fairytale of days, the pages will be turning as they do, so it may be read with fresh eyes, as they set foot back into the room where the knife is there waiting, hoping they will fall.

– Josh Fleming




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