The Moon and the Sun were once one, but all things must end, she said, so others may come, the Sun could not live without his beloved Aluna, so he pined and waited, then in a fit of despair he approached her in the dark to thrust his flaming sword through her heart, she weaped as she knew what would become of the earth she held so dear, her dust spilling out to block the Sun, so he could not see what he had done, the oceans in-between the waves collapsed, laid out upon their backs, as the earth started to stumble and fall off its track, the ghosts in the shell rose up from the surface, wretching with rage, purging into the blackened skies, the creatures of all kind watched as the world was undone.


The Lord God saw what had been done and rode on the backs of two serpents to reach the golden scepter, rising up to face the Sun, in judgment for what he had done, he nailed his only Sun upon the cross, crucified for his sins, upon his death the moon was mended, as she plead with God to allow him to return, so that the earth would see, the next day the light rose up from the darkness, moving across the waters, illuminating the world, but for his transgressions, he would forever be separated from his moon, at night she would rise as he would fall away, never to see her face again, this was to be, so that we may live. Till this day Aluna has never revealed her wounded face, her shadowed past, yet she continues to reflect back the light of her sun.

– Josh Fleming


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