Nuhra Aluna Lucem ( light approaching light)

-The Myth is the truth

Peering through the windows, behind the beloved’s garden gate, to catch a glimpse of the divine as she is disrobing.

Her body is exquisitely defined marked with sacred designs, aligned in perfect symmetry, bathed in a golden light.

She steps out slowly over the edge, to sacrifice herself so that the world may see…

-The Truth is the myth

The light that once died now rests inside, within your eyes, the light we all seek to find, to awaken from this dream.

This light as we may call it though, cannot be so easily defined.

It is not just found in a burning sun, nor just in a man hung upon a cross, nor just in a prophet wandering the streets, nor just in a monk sitting quietly under a tree.

It is not just in you and not just in me, for it is all of this and more that you see, more than any word could ever capture or try to afford to make into an image, so that this mind could grasp it.

Such light can never be retained in all its likeness and form, so it travels onward throughout all things, to suffuse the frames that stand before it, patiently waiting on the mirrors to appear, so it may be reflected back in.

When it is ready and filled to the brim, it will sacrifice itself once more, absorbing all the light back in through the darkness, then exploding to release it all again.

As one cannot bear such love for so long, kept all to oneself, so it chooses to die, only to be born again, as it stares back through the veil to see itself again for the first time, but never the last.

– Josh Fleming

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