Questions for existance


All heads raised to the sky, as if a savior had arrived, or a new born star had just died, somehow its light traveling faster than usual, captured in their eyes, within a day lit sky, or maybe it was just a plane, nothing special really, but to them it was as if a God had forged metallic wings to trace the red sky, illuminating their hearts and minds, the next time they would see such craft they would not be so forthcoming, but in the back there is one set of eyes that held no such interest in the iron eagles that hovered overhead, holding more interest in the camera’s eye, the aperture that held his attention long enough to set him in motion. I imagine he may have went on to become a well known photographer documenting the war, or he found comfort in chasing after the dragon flies nearby his home, freezing them in frame as they took flight, or that he would go on to contrast the moonlight sprawled out against her naked body as she swam out into the yellow river, or did he become a pilot in the military crashing into a fiery blaze upon landing, never owning a camera?

– Josh Fleming


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