Who would have thought? To catch such a moment in time, looking back upon it as if it were a dream, such beauty in this image wrapped around the real possibility of another’s end, what thought, what imagination, what concentration of effort to build such devices to travel round the world to shatter another’s. I wonder how many families were fed and sheltered for the cause of freedom? How many were left alone in the streets looking for the bodies of their loved ones? How many vacations were taken because of our bombs and how many funerals were attended? It seems beside the point now, holding this photo that they left behind. Its funny how much things have changed, since we all realized that we had so much to lose, then we all decided to work together and race towards the stars, I wish we didn’t have to leave so soon, I miss it there, the way it smells, the way it rains without notice, Titan is nice, but its not home.

– Josh Fleming

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