What If?

We fear what we do not understand. So we have become obsessed with understanding, painting out the veils of science and religion, crafting the doors, yet none have since walked through and returned with an answer that we all can agree upon.

What if the very fact that we cannot comprehend what this is, this life, should also be the very reason not to fear it, rather to treasure it, for if we could truly grasp it long enough to give it a name, we would then surely divide it, label it as something other than ourselves, than what is around us, as something good or something evil, then we truly would have something to fear.

Yet it seems in many ways we have already allowed this to happen, letting our minds set recourse for the laws that we have created, passing our ideologies out into the parade, to give us fixity, give us resolve, give us permanence in an impermanent existence, sinking as soon as we have gotten off the boat, arguing doctrine defined by fallible words, religions fighting over the names they were given, science trying to capture the theory, so that their would be no more room for dreaming, if either were to succeed, would we be happy with the answer we were given?

What if not knowing is the gift, better not to unwrap, just sit and imagine what might be inside.

What if in the end all is love, but then surely that is why this exists to give an alternative to only seeing one side of things, adding the complexity and dimensions so that we might dream something more beautiful than ourselves.

What if we are all angels hoping to get our wings dirty, dragging ourselves through the mud, beating ourselves up along the path, so that when our time comes to be bathed again in the light, their will be something worth washing off, so that we might feel its presence, like a newborn rain.

What if I just stopped writing this and we stopped talking and just sat for awhile.

– Josh Fleming



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