I accidentally swallowed God

Listening intently all around to the oscillating sounds and the pronouncements of nouns, I heard a verb from deep inside, but could not speak of it, no matter how hard I tried, I could only bring out a fabled mumble, like a child trying to capture his tongue to speak of such things, instead of chewing on it for a while, I ran off to tell the world, forgetting to taste the food that I was given, before I new it, I started to choke on the answer to it all, brought down to my knees, as the light started to fade, I then suddenly swallowed it whole and breathed again, as if for the first time. Upon rising up from the ground, dusting off my ego and what was left of my pride, I realized then that it was God who had fell down my throat, buying the vowel right off my tongue, so that I could not speak of it, only feel it from inside, so it could rest peacefully forever in this body and mind.

– Josh Fleming 


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