5:45 AM

Early one morning we were walking our dogs down the beach when the expected and the unexpected occurred. The sun was rising from it’s usual spot, starting its daily parade, climbing up from behind the towers lining the coast of this once tiny fishing village, the expected, when the unexpected made a surprise appearance, the face of buddha, erected up from infinite grains of white sand, he had been left here alone to contemplate this moment, on vacation, hitchhiking from the far east, planted down on western shores, resting peacefully, right up against the waters edge, watching the ocean swell, the sea breathing in and breathing out these waves, their coming’s and going’s with such ease, without worry as they crash back into the void, but before I could ponder any of this, this after-thought that you are now reading, the youngest of our three dog’s walked briskly right through the top of buddha’s head, as if he wouldn’t notice, just dusting the surface of his crown, as the oldest leisurely strolled directly across his face, anointing lord buddha with the print of her paw, stepping directly on his third eye, slamming it shut, as she continued to walk on by, tongue out and smiling. I guess she had already gotten the message.

– Josh Fleming


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